My first story was a dramatic tale of adventure and intrigue in which Strawberry Shortcake was kidnapped and had to be rescued by Huckleberry Pie:  I was 8 and I thank the stars that no copy of it still exists.  I continued to write and, ironically, my favorite novel length work is one that was started when I was in the seventh grade.  I promise it’s gotten many, many upgrades since then!

My stories are still very character driven – I really do let them lead the story wherever they think it should go.  So far, they have never failed me although it can take a really, really long time for me to understand where they are trying to lead me.  I’m a bit stubborn that way.  

Let’s see, what else?  I can’t write without a visual so I always have a book cover even if it’s just a work in progress that I never expect to finish.  I write to music – usually some mix of modern and classic rock.  Every character has a song and every book a soundtrack…product of being an eighties child I imagine!  I write on a Chromebook most of the time but, when writer’s block strikes I pull out the pen and paper which never let me down.



I’m a librarian by trade and I read A LOT.  I average well over 400 books a year and they run the gamut of just about every genre.  I rarely review the titles in-depth due to the sheer number of titles that I wade through but if something is super stellar, I’ll take the time to let you know about it.  

I DO NOT read for payment or sell reviews.  I’m a librarian…reading and recc’ing books is simply what I do.  Most of the time I’ll give a listing of some books I’m reading because they may be under the radar titles or debut authors.  It’s not that I feel they are better or more deserving than other titles being published but because, usually, they are from smaller publishing houses with less funds for advertising and distribution.  I leave it up to the reader to decide if the title is right for them.  I mean, yes, the Great Gatsby and Harry Potter are great but do you really need yet another blog telling you that?  Nope, I thought not.


Fun & Family

If you are still reading, let’s get to the fun stuff!  I am the mother of two teenage boys who keep me hopping.  One is an artist and the other a writer…we’re quite the creative bunch in our household!  I have two rescue dogs that I adore and I can not survive a day without several cups of coffee.  I tell everyone that my Keurig is my best friend but my Bialetti is my soulmate.  When I’m not reading or writing you can find me playing Warcraft, riding trails in my Jeep, or dreaming or far flung places that I can probably never afford to ever visit.  I hope you join me on this adventure here at my site. Please subscribe via email to keep up to date or leave your note in the comments.