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July 2016

July Reads

Aside from galleys, this month I stuck to reading from my TBR pile.  As a huge fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, I’ve been recc’d Arturo Perez-Reverte by about a hundred people.  Every book related website I visit has the two authors side by side and when you go to make a purchase online, the two are always found together.  I finally accepted it as a hint that wouldn’t go away and delved into three of his titles this month.


Queen of the South  is probably the most well-known of his titles here in the US.  It sparked a series on the USA channel which garnered a lot of praise.  The book is a great introduction to him as a writer.  It’s very accessible as a story without being too overbearing in characters or plotlines.  I enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t what I expected as a “literary thriller” and I saw no relation to Zafon (other than it being a Spanish translation).


Seville Communion was my favorite of the three titles I read.  The names and places were hard to grasp and I kept confusing the characters.  I think that was entirely my failing as a reader, however.  Since the names were not common to my first language, it made it difficult for me.  It was a slow read, one to savor rather than just rush through.  Still not sure it qualifies as a “thriller” but it did have the classic mystery elements going for it.


Club Dumas was not a favorite.  I just could not get into this story or the characters.  It may have been Reverte burnout (can that be a thing? Please let it be a thing!).  I may try and re-read it again once I’ve filled my brain with lighter fare.

Bookish Apps

There are few apps over the years that have made me want to switch to Apple.  Instagram, actually, is about the only one I can think of off hand.  But I’ve recently found another.  Granted, it’s been around since 2015 but, as a non-Apple person, I had never heard of it.  Yes, I’m behind the times and will fully admit it.  


Have you heard of Litsy? As Book Riot explains, it’s as if Goodreads and Instagram had a baby.  Best. Thing. Ever.  


I wasted about half an hour googling all around about this app and I’m so very jealous.  I think I would move into Litsy if I had the chance.  It seems that freaking awesome.  Sadly, after two years if there’s no Droid version, I’m thinking there never will be.  They have crushed my hopes.  Do you have a reading app you can’t live without? Or one you wished you could get your hands on?  Do tell!

July Galley Picks

The titles listed below grabbed my attention due to either their descriptions, the authors, or buzz in the publishing world.  All are currently available as ARCs for professional readers through either NetGalley and/or Edelweiss.  The publisher has been listed in case you are interested in hard copy proofs and a link is provided to the title’s Goodreads page.


July Galley Picks

Poppy by Mary Hooper.  Bloomsbury Children

July Galley Picks

The Saint Louisans by Steven Clark.  Amphorae Publishing

July Galley Picks

Stripped by Piper Lawson.  Publisher unlisted.

July Galley Picks

Overdrive by Dawn Ius.  Simon Pulse.

July Galley Picks

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn.  Berkley Publishing

Instagram Faves

I love Instagram.  If I had enough free time, I’d spend it dreamily scrolling through book and travel photos.  It’s like a mini-vacation for your eyes.  I have a collection of favorite accounts and I’m highlighting one in each post with a sample of their page so you can see if you might be interested in giving them a follow as well.  Enjoy!

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