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May 2016

May Reads

May in library land means getting ready for summer reading so my reading pile gets a bit neglected.  This month, I’m concentrating on a single series that I’ve been wanting to read for ages.



The Arcadia Series by Kai Meyer.  This is one of those little known gems of a series that you stumble across.  Originally published in German in 2011, it was translated to English by HarperCollins in 2014.  The covers (let’s admit it!) are freaking goregous and these fly off our library shelves.  We just can’t keep them in at all.  The story itself blends lots of genres including fantasy, crime and historical.  Note that is a YA title but will appeal to the upper age range of that group.  


While doing some revisions and editing on Ties that Bind, I’ve had fun pulling out some of my favorite lines from the story.  They are slowly popping up in my Instagram feed, so come join me to get a glimpse of the novel!

May Galley Picks

The titles listed below grabbed my attention due to either their descriptions, the authors, or buzz in the publishing world.  All are currently available as ARCs for professional readers through either NetGalley and/or Edelweiss.  The publisher has been listed in case you are interested in hard copy proofs and a link is provided to the title’s Goodreads page.


The Graces by Laure Eve.  Macmillan Childrens


This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills.  Macmillan Childrens


Pandemic by Yvonne Ventresca.  Sky Pony Press

Deception Island by Brynn Kelly.  Harlequin




I love Instagram.  If I had enough free time, I’d spend it dreamily scrolling through book and travel photos.  It’s like a mini-vacation for your eyes.  I have a collection of favorite accounts and I’m highlighting one in each post with a sample of their page so you can see if you might be interested in giving them a follow as well.  Enjoy!


Lisa Lost in Lit Instagram Feed

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