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Saint’s Row Release



Today’s the day! Saint’s Row is now available!   Thanks to everyone who has been helping spread the word on social media and posting kind reviews on their blogs.  It’s only .99 for Kindle so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, please jump on over to Amazon and help a girl out!  *hugs*

Saint’s Row: ARCs Now Available


ARC copies of Saint’s Row are now available for reviewers!  Please leave your contact information in the comments or click here to drop me a message.  Don’t forget to let me know what version you prefer: Mobi, ePub and PDF are all currently available.  Thanks so much to all of you for your support!


Saint’s Row

With less than a week until the cover reveal, it’s time to see what Saints is all about!  Here’s the final description for Book One of the new Guardians series!



Tor ebook Club

Back in July, Tor Publishing started up an ebook club.  Once a month during a 7 day window, they will give you a free download of one of their titles.  If you haven’t joined, you can sign up by visiting here.

To give you an idea of the titles, here’s the backlist so far with links to their Amazon page for description:

July: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

August: The Just City by Jo Walton

September: Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

Pre-Orders & ARCS

Guess what? Ties that Bind is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

pre-order now


I also have a limited number of ARC versions available (mobi format only) for reviewing purposes.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, click the contact button on my site and send me a note telling me your favorite real or fictional mafioso.  It’s that simple!  I’ll give them away until they are gone.  Happy Pre-Order Day everyone!

(This giveaway has now ended)

Enter Here

My Kindle Scout campaign is live!  Please visit the site to read an excerpt and consider giving it your vote!

Fear in the Heart

Fear of rejection is a real thing!  After talking with some debut authors, I decided to submit my novel to the Kindle Scout program.  If you aren’t familiar, KS is a program run by Kindle Press that allows the public at large to vote on books to be published.  I’ve been nominating titles for awhile now but could never summon the courage to submit my own.  Fueled by tons of caffeine, I finally got brave enough to hit the submit button.  They warn you that it could take a couple of days to hear if your novel is accepting for a campaign…how nail biting is that??


Thankfully, my notice came last than two hours later.  I really don’t know if I could’ve waited much longer because I was already a basket case!  My novel was accepting and my Scout campaign begins on June 23!!

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