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Odd Formats


Fiction books used to be pretty standard.  Front matter, chapter contents, about the author (or acknowledgments).  Most things were written in third person limited point of view although there was the occasional first person.  Nowadays, just about anything goes.  It’s exciting to seek out these newer “odd format” books but some are so far off the wall that they almost seem like a novelty or publishing gimmick.  Some of the ones that stick out in my mind are:  Continue reading “Odd Formats”

Top 10 Tuesday: Fall TBR

The Top 10 Tuesday, created by the awesome folks over at Broke and Bookish  is books on your Fall to be read pile.  My pile is pretty huge so here are the ones I’m looking most forward to:


I also have two books that I re-read every fall:


Top 10 Tuesday: Audio Freebie

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday from Broke and Bookish is “audio freebie”.  Oh my gosh, this was hard!  I don’t listen to audiobooks because they are so freaking slow and I haven’t listened to podcasts in ages.  I don’t really have favorite albums because I’m an 80’s girl and, let’s be honest, most of the big songs were one hit wonders.  So, after thinking about this way, way longer than I should have, I decided to give the playlist I’m using while writing my current story.  It’s not really my genre (classic rock girl) but am writing a story set in New Orleans, so I needed some songs to get the right mood going.

Continue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: Audio Freebie”

A Little Sunshine


I was nominated for my first ever blogger award!  Thanks so much to Emma over at It’s a Readers Life (BookReviews5)   Make sure to visit her site and check out some of her amazing reviews!  Read on for my answers and my own nominations!

Continue reading “A Little Sunshine”

September Galleys

There are two big book “seasons” in library world.  The first being spring when all of the light, airy, summer reads are released.  Then there is fall…better known as “award season.”  This is when all the heavy, literary fiction debuts in hopes of making the book award cut off times.  When looking at galleys, though, you’ve probably already heard about the buzzworthy titles (Nutshell, Dollhouse, Wonder, Gentleman in Moscow) which are now circulating in ARC format to the masses.  It makes it hard to come up with a list of “under the radar” titles for you to check out.  But, I’ve given it my best shot. Continue reading “September Galleys”

Top 10 Tuesday: Top American Mafia Non-Fiction

So I pretty much hate having to give a list of “Top Faves” because it changes so regularly.  I think every comment I’ve read about this topic said the same thing, though, so this is how I know I’ve found my people 😀


For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday hosted by Broke and Bookish, I decided to do my Top Five American Mafia Non-fiction.  I’m cheating at only doing five but, really, after these five it all becomes a mush pile anyway (so please don’t tell on me!)


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Top 10 Tuesday: Book TV

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, created and hosted by the awesome folks over at Broke and Bookish!  This week we are to list Ten Books in Honor of Fall TV.  I actually hardly ever watch television so I only managed to come up with five (and one is a bit cheatish!) Continue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: Book TV”

Top 10 Tuesday: Back to School

It’s Back to School Time with Top Ten Tuesday, created and hosted by the awesome folks over at Broke and Bookish!  This week is a freebie relating to anything school related.  So I give you the Top Ten It Could Be Worse (dangerous schools from the pages of books). Continue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: Back to School”

Top 10 Tuesday: Dust Bunny books

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, created and hosted by the awesome folks over at Broke and Bookish!  This week we are to list Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR) From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven’t Read Yet…which is a super long title  😀

Since I haven’t had this site for very long, I decided to find the oldest books I shelved in my Goodreads account and share those. They date all the way back to 2010.  Since I haven’t read them I can’t tell you much but if the cover entices you, you can click on the book title to be taken to the GR page. Have you read any of them?  Are they still worth reading (or are some really, really bad? Tell me that too if you know!)



“Top 10 Tuesday: Books with the Most Dust Bunnies”

Continue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: Dust Bunny books”

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