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October 2016

Page 69

Communications scholar Marshall McLuhan believed in deciding whether or not you’ll like a book, you simply need to read Page 69.  I’ve decided to put this to the test each Friday.  I’ll provide the page and, then at the end, let you know where it’s from.  Let’s see if it works!

Do you already know what book it comes from?  Does it grab your interest and make you want to know more?  Source after the break. Continue reading “Page 69”

Instagram Faves

I love Instagram.  If I had enough free time, I’d spend it dreamily scrolling through book and travel photos.  It’s like a mini-vacation for your eyes.  I have a collection of favorite accounts and I’m highlighting one in each post with a sample of their page so you can see if you might be interested in giving them a follow as well.  Enjoy!


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