I recently participated in my first ever blogger swap.  It was hosted by the wonderful ladies over at Chaotic Goddess and it was completely Halloween themed!  I’m told that normally you are assigned a partner and the two of you swap packages but, since we had an uneven number of participants, this swap worked more like a round robin event.  I sent a goodie package to the fantastic Lauren over at Shooting Stars Mag but the package I received was from Rebecca over at Everyday Life.  I really enjoyed it because it gave me two new blogger friends to meet and learn about.  Onto the reveal!


My package was awesome!  There were so many kitchen/dining related goodies in the package.  I mentioned that I’m not really big on candy and she was nice enough to not put any in.  That was so thoughtful of her!



See all the goodies??  She sent me two sets of kitchen towels and two oven mitts that have super cute Halloween designs.  There was also a glittery bow with spiderwebs, Halloween themed ice cube trays, some paper straws, and two amazing skull goblets that I just love.  But my favorite thing in the entire package was this…


How cute is this little headband??  I put it on the moment I opened the package and wore it as I unwrapped my goodies 😀  I’ve decided to wear it to work everyday until Halloween.  The pink and gold glittery bats are just adorable and the kids in my library love touching them to make them wiggle on my head.  Thanks so much for the wonderful, thoughtful package, Rebbecca!


Happy Swapoween everyone!!