There are two big book “seasons” in library world.  The first being spring when all of the light, airy, summer reads are released.  Then there is fall…better known as “award season.”  This is when all the heavy, literary fiction debuts in hopes of making the book award cut off times.  When looking at galleys, though, you’ve probably already heard about the buzzworthy titles (Nutshell, Dollhouse, Wonder, Gentleman in Moscow) which are now circulating in ARC format to the masses.  It makes it hard to come up with a list of “under the radar” titles for you to check out.  But, I’ve given it my best shot.


Witches of New York

The problem with this title is it’s availability.  ARCS are circulating for UK, Australia and Canada but ones for US readers are hard to come by.  Not impossible but a little more difficult.  Note that there are several different covers floating around depending on the country, publisher, and imprint that may be available in your area.  Get your hands on it if you can…it’s a fabulous read.  To read more about it, visit the title’s Goodreads page.


The Surrendered

The only YA title to make my list.  There are some big titles by big name authors coming out this fall, including loads of follow-ups and/or series continuations, but The Surrendered is a lesser known gem offered by Blaze Publishing.  Read a full description at the book’s Goodreads page.  


The Education of Dixie Dupree

This is the book no one is talking about, but they WILL be.  Get your hands on it now because it is bound to become a book club staple once people get wind of it.  It’s actually almost like it was written especially for a book club…following a checklist of things to include to appeal to that particular audience.  That’s not a criticism just an observation.  Goodreads page.


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Many other blogs are already talking about these last two so I’m not going to delve into too much detail about them.  The Strays is a Stella Prize winner releasing in the US for the first time so find an ARC if you want an early glimpse.  Also re-releasing is The Famished Road, a Man Booker winner celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, so if you haven’t read it now is a good time to grab a copy.