It’s Top Ten Tuesday, created and hosted by the awesome folks over at Broke and Bookish!  This week we are to list Ten Books in Honor of Fall TV.  I actually hardly ever watch television so I only managed to come up with five (and one is a bit cheatish!)


(1)  Friday Night Lights

By far this is one of my favorite television shows of all time.  It’s very small town, southern drama at its finest.  It has some of the most memorable characters and lines that ever crossed my screen.  And, Eric Taylor and Tim Riggins weren’t too bad to stare at either!








(2) Boardwalk Empire

Another of my top five of all time tv shows. I loved everything about this show except Gyp Rosetti.  Man, I still feel ill when I think of him.  The soundtrack, the settings, the costuming, the characters…all absolutely stellar.








28887765856_2c2220a9fe(3) Justified

Another southern show and this one is pretty dear to my heart as well.  As a rural, small town girl in Arkansas this entire show might as well be about my neighbors.  Frightening but true.










28887760736_e90cb3dd48(4) Sleepy Hollow

I only watched one season of this so I’m not sure how the show turned out but I really enjoyed what I saw.  I liked the Depp movie more but the tv version was a nice spin on a classic tale.








28843457041_e5cfa1445f(5)  Shadowhunters

Okay, this is the cheatish one but I was desperate!  I considered putting M*A*S*H here because that was an awesome show but settled on this one.  The thing is, I haven’t actually watched this show.  I just really, really want to!  The movie was just so-so for me so I’m hoping the tv show does it more justice.  Any opinions on it?