I’ve always been a pretty conventional writer: third person point of view, limited, male, past tense.  For whatever reason, lately I’ve found myself venturing into unfamiliar territory.  I’ve written in first person.  I’ve switched to a female protagonist view for a couple of stories.  I have even started a story that contains alternating points of view which I hardly ever read much less attempt to write!  My interest in genre writing has changed as well. While I am still an organized crime girl at heart, I’ve dipped my toes into erotica, epistolary and now paranormal romance.

Perhaps it’s like an actor who gets pigeonholed into one type of character…except, as writers, we really do it to ourselves.  We stick to what’s comfortable and familiar rather than venturing into new territories.  I think allowing myself to be less confined by the writing norms has also allowed me to push myself and get more creative with my writing.  It feels freeing somehow, to just be able to write and stop worrying about the constraints or expectations.  So, be brave! Explore new writing worlds!  You never know where it may lead you.