Aside from galleys, this month I stuck to reading from my TBR pile.  As a huge fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, I’ve been recc’d Arturo Perez-Reverte by about a hundred people.  Every book related website I visit has the two authors side by side and when you go to make a purchase online, the two are always found together.  I finally accepted it as a hint that wouldn’t go away and delved into three of his titles this month.


Queen of the South  is probably the most well-known of his titles here in the US.  It sparked a series on the USA channel which garnered a lot of praise.  The book is a great introduction to him as a writer.  It’s very accessible as a story without being too overbearing in characters or plotlines.  I enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t what I expected as a “literary thriller” and I saw no relation to Zafon (other than it being a Spanish translation).


Seville Communion was my favorite of the three titles I read.  The names and places were hard to grasp and I kept confusing the characters.  I think that was entirely my failing as a reader, however.  Since the names were not common to my first language, it made it difficult for me.  It was a slow read, one to savor rather than just rush through.  Still not sure it qualifies as a “thriller” but it did have the classic mystery elements going for it.


Club Dumas was not a favorite.  I just could not get into this story or the characters.  It may have been Reverte burnout (can that be a thing? Please let it be a thing!).  I may try and re-read it again once I’ve filled my brain with lighter fare.