A friend and I were having a discussion recently about our “to be read” lists.  We are huge fans of Goodreads but the site is so easy to use that our TBR pile seems to only grow larger and larger.  We make an effort each year to read a certain number of titles so the number theoretically will go down but for every one book we read, we find another dozen to add to our list.  It’s a never ending cycle.
One of the things we noticed that when we go back through our list we will find titles from a few years ago and wonder “what the hell was I thinking??”  There are titles that aren’t in genres we even like or ones that the description is so far off kilter we can’t even figure out how we learned about the book in the first place. While the majority of our TBR books are ones we still want to read there are these….gems….that have somehow ended up in the pile as well.  Each month I’m going to try out one of these babies and see where it takes me.  It may be a new classic, it may be a true gem…it may be an adventure that I’ll not soon forget.  Let’s give it a go, shall we?